The Right Way To Do Fax Marketing

Fax Marketing – The Right Way to Do It

What Is Fax Marketing?

Fax was one of the earliest forms of communication marketers used to advertise their products on a mass scale. It works on the same principle as telemarketing, as marketers send out offers or advertisements through faxes to potential clients, in hopes of opening new markets for their products. When compared to other digital marketing methods, fax has one major advantage; while email and phone may change overtime, fax number stays the same for as long as the business remains.

How To Launch A Successful Fax Marketing Campaign?

In some cases, Fax can prove to be more beneficial than other forms of marketing. However, in order to launch a successful fax marketing campaign, you need to keep a few things in mind. The main aspect that fax marketers should look for is what makes it different to others.

Breaking Into The Untouched Market

Benefits of fax marketing compared to others lies in their simplicity and widespread outreach. Fax machines are present in almost all business offices. Due to its ease of use, fax reaches an untouched market of clients who prefer to operate simpler technology instead of computers. This is the first thing that a fax marketer should take advantage of; breaking into that market. Segment your clientele according to age groups or preferred mode of communication. This specific group is likely to respond more positively to faxes than they will to emails.

Cost Effectiveness

A fax marketer should be cost effective. Fax marketing is cheaper as compared to direct mail, with a single fax costing around a few pennies. Fax Plus, for instance, offers highly competitive rates. Also, you can control the cost by streamlining your list of recipients according to their relevancy to the message. You can segment the list, and selectively send the faxes to those that you think will respond to your offers. This simple technique can help you save a lot of budget.

Design an Attractive Advertisement

Design is as important for a fax, as it is for any other medium. You basically have just a few seconds to grab the attention of the readers before they throw the fax into the bin. That is where a great design can help. The key to such a design is simplicity. Keep the fax short and simple yet creative and informative. Keep in mind that the design must appear attractive in black and white.

Fax Plus, Canada’s leading fax service provider, are highly experienced experts and consultants who can help you learn more about fax marketing and best practices in this aspect. Keep it Short and Simple As we mentioned, simplicity is one of the major attraction factor for a fax. And by that we meant not only in terms of design but also in terms of content. A fax full of fluff is something no one likes because it takes too much ink and too much time. So, make sure you are not wasting any of it and follow these three simple rules; keep it short, keep it to-the-point and keep it highly relevant from the very first word.

And the most important is have Fax plus handle all your fax marketing campaigns to get the best results for that untouched market of potential new customers.

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