Successful Fax Marketing

Successful fax marketing

Like any sales process, sometimes turning a successful fax marketing broadcast into orders requires asking more than once. Your offer may be compelling, but your customer might not need it on the morning your broadcast faxes arrive. They often do the second or third time you ask, or if the need comes up they will remember seeing your fax ad because they have seen it a few times.

Successful fax marketing is the process of building a business relationship with potential customers. Have you ever established a lifelong friendship with someone you had contact with only once? Probably not. Generally, friendships and all relationships for that matter, grow as a result of frequent contact over time. Even when the potential to form a great friendship is there at the first encounter, it is unlikely it will grow without nurturing and repetitive contact.

Successful fax marketing is regular marketing.

Credibility and familiarity comes with frequency. Consider repeating or reinforcing your fax advertising, weekly or bi weekly; for sure at least monthly to encourage a higher response rate, but beware that the longer between contact the more the potential customer forgets what your trying to offer them. It is really recommended that you fax blast your marketing campaign out every second week. We have done weekly fax blasting for some customers and found it to be very effective. We have had both customers use the same fax ad and we have had customers change their fax ad every week.

Successful fax marketing is great because of the time factor that is involved.  You can have your fax ad done today and a fax blast going out same day; no other form of advertising can do that. Newspaper ads are next day and then you’re competing with other ads that may be on same page. Getting a mailing ready to go is very time consuming and, depending on how many your sending out, can take up to weeks to reach the hands of prospective customers, after design, printing, folding, stuffing envelopes and mailing. Oh and yes, lets not forget that with the mail service they even charge for undeliverable mailers. You never pay for fax ads that don’t get delivered.

Successful Fax Marketing, Don't get lost on the page

Newspaper Ad, where is your ad?

Successful fax marketing is still better then email marketing as so many spam filters stop emails from getting through, and then even if it gets through, will the reader really stop and read? I know in my case, I delete 20 -30 emails a day that I haven’t even opened up.  At least with fax marketing somebody has touched and looked at it no matter what. So when you look at it, fax marketing is still a very smart way to market your business today.

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