Fax Packages

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If you do not want to order on line feel free to call us your order.

We have many Fax Packages for you to chose from. The best way to buy a fax package is the largest one as it saves you the most money giving you a bigger bang for you advertising  budget. But that being said you can buy a small fax package of 5000.

Our minimum package is 1000, so even if you bought the 5000 fax package you could do as many as you want until you use up your package. We have thousands of Canadian fax numbers, so to reach every business we have you would need to buy a fax package in the hundreds of thouands.

Our fax packages never expire so don’t worry about that and remember we only charge for the faxes that went through. We don’t promise fax blasting runs in the millions like some other competitors, we clean our lists and remove the  “do not call” numbers immediately. This keeps everybody happy.

So when you buy our fax packages you can rest assured you are buying quality fax marketing services.





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