How Fax Marketing Works

How Fax Marketing Works

How Fax marketing works is it is a great way to utilize the speed and reliability of fax machines to spread the word about your products and services in a time where emails are easily left unopened. In this article you’ll quickly learn how fax broadcasting works and why you should be using it in your business to gain maximum exposure and capture more leads.

How Fax Marketing Works is Repetition, and is Crucial in Advertising, No matter what your advertisement is offering, it’s absolutely imperative that the person receiving the message clearly remembers it. In order to accomplish this, you will need to deliver the ad at least 3-7 times over the course of several weeks. Your fax blast should also be memorable, and when the receiving party sees it each subsequent time they should instantly recall seeing it before.

Constructing an Effective Fax Marketing Ad

Faxed advertisements are most effective when they’re kept simple, without too much clutter on the page. You’ll want to grab their attention quickly, so be sure to use a headline that will make them look twice. Your goal is to create an urge in them to pick up the phone and call the number you’ve listed, so be sure that information is easily visible as well.

Make use of bullet points to provide key information in an easy to read fashion, and avoid long, dense blocks of text on the page as they will likely be glossed over. You have about 3 to 8 seconds to capture their interest, so make your offer clear and pop out at the reader. As a last note, be sure to consider using as little toner as possible while still delivering an effective ad. This means avoid using pictures, or black backgrounds with white text.

Who Will Receive Your Ad

How fax marketing works is our fax broadcast service will be sent to prospects in cities/towns or area codes that you designate. We will discover how many numbers are available for your region and calculate the best package for your fax marketing campaign. The broadcasts will be sent over a period of weeks to ensure that your ads are seen several times.

Opting Out from Ads

Per the law, individuals not wanting to receive fax advertisements can opt out of receiving them. On the header of each fax is a convenient phone number and email address for them to contact in order to be removed immediately from the system. They may call you, in which case you would simply email the phone number to be removed to Fax Plus and it will be removed the very same day.

Summary of How Fax Marketing Works

To wrap up, if you’re not utilizing broadcast faxing then you’re leaving hundreds or even thousands of leads out of your sales funnel. Fax marketing is a reliable and fast way to reach out and deliver your ad, so take advantage of it with our broadcast fax service today.

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