Fax Broadcast Campaigns For Todays Business

Getting the Most from Fax Broadcast Campaigns

For best fax broadcast campaigns you will want to be sure your copy is effective, so hire a skilled copywriter (faxplus has you covered) to write a concise ad for you. You will want one that gives a clear call to action and makes the reader do something with the information. Give the reader something to think about or act upon and you will get calls asking about your products and services. To get even more out of your fax broadcast campaigns, dig deeper into relationship building.

Contact Them Frequently

Fax Broadcast Campaigns

Fax machine marketing for fax broadcast campaigns

Keep in touch with prospects and don’t let them forget that you’re maintaining relationships with them. Ask them several times to act on the offer before any action is taken. Repeat messages to them weekly or monthly to increase conversions. Persist and continue to send fax broadcast campaigns to them. If they do need your services they’re highly likely to call and inquire about it. Don’t allow a good relationship to fade and continue to have steady business with them.

Know Your Audience

Faxes are attractive to many people who aren’t as comfortable with using the latest technology to meet their needs. Fax machines have been around since the early 1980’s and can be found in any office building. The people who will likely be receiving your fax broadcast campaigns ads will be very comfortable with this technology as opposed to more cutting edge computer software programs.

Producing an Attractive Fax Broadcast Campaigns Advertisement

The advertisements have to be attractive, meaning it has to be aesthetically appealing. Also offer a highly relevant, sought-after product or service. Prospects may not even know that they need or want your service. You can make them aware of their own inner needs and wants with a well-presented fax broadcast campaigns. Understanding the human psychology and what drives their deepest desires can help produce killer ad copy that tells them that they have to get what you’re offering, or they’ll be making a big mistake. Spend the proper amount of time and money on crafting the most effective ad possible to get the highest return on your fax broadcast campaigns.

Effective Way for Fax Marketing



Fax Marketing is easy to use.

A Simpler, Quicker, More Economical & Effective Way for Fax Marketing

Are you looking for an inexpensive way of directly marketing to your prospective leads in a fast, economical and efficient manner? Our Fax Marketing service offers the solution to your direct marketing needs while delivering the maximum benefit of delivering your ads to thousands of readers. You need only write a short, compelling ad with your offer and we can send it to any region you desire.

Fax Marketing is Simple and Quick

Thousands of prospects can be sent your fax in a short span of time and they’re very likely to read it and act on it. This method transmits a physical copy directly to the reader and can also give them a sense of urgency if your offer is time sensitive. On top of being fast, it doesn’t require a lot of time to produce one-page ads with compelling copy. You can reach thousands of people in a region while keeping your costs down, and reach them repeatedly.

Fax Marketing is Economical and Effective

Fax advertising requires ad copy that is both short and compelling to maximise effectiveness. A skilled copywriter can turn just a few simple lines into hot buttons that can make the reader practically jump from their seat and reach for the phone to call you. Fax blasting is also highly economical, especially in comparison to similar direct marketing strategies like direct mail and email marketing. In the long run, it will save you a lot of money because each fax sent costs only a few pennies.

Your Fax Marketing Campaign

Your ads can be sent again weeks later to improve their exposure and increase conversion rates. Your leads may not respond to an ad immediately, but if it comes in at the time of their need they will certainly respond to it. Persistent fax blasts can bring new business and turn prospects into buyers. Fax Plus offers competitive rates for sending your fax blast out to clients and will help you succeed in your fax marketing campaign.

Fax Blast Service

 Fax Blast Service:

Fax Blast Service

We can target any kind of customer to reach out to with your product or service with a fax blast service.

A More Effective Way to Market Your Business

fax blast service is a highly effective form of marketing that isn’t as well known. Common methods are as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, or banner ads to name a few.  Fax machines have been around for a very long time and aren’t the latest cutting-edge invention. It’s important to look beyond that because fax machines are ubiquitous in any office today. They can deliver a physical copy of your ads directly to people who may be highly interested in what you have to offer.

The company Ad Will Be Seen

Because fax blast service is a form of marketing that delivers an ad directly to your prospective lead in physical form and doesn’t have to be opened like an email. It almost guarantees that your message will be read if it’s properly crafted. For this reason, it’s important to take care in designing your ad to be both simple and eye-catching. When your ad does arrive, the prospect will make a decision about it in only a matter of a few seconds, so be sure to use a professional copywriter. If you make a compelling call to action, your prospects will be picking up the phone to call and inquire about your products or services.

Fax Blast Service Advertising is Relatively Inexpensive

Because sending fax blast service is relatively inexpensive, it can be done repeatedly in cycles for maximum effect. Compared to PPC or media buy methods, for example, you could potentially save hundreds or thousands of ad spend and reach similar quantities of prospective leads. The money you spend on fax advertising can easily pay for itself and be funnelled back into your business.

Fast, Direct and Reliable Service With Fax Blasting

Broadcast faxing delivers your ad quickly and directly to your desired region of interest at rapid speed. Faxes take seconds to complete and arrive directly and are reliable because a confirmation is sent back after a fax transmission has been completed successfully. If transmissions are unsuccessful, they will be retried until they are successful if possible.

Summary of Fax Blast Service Advantages

In summary, these are some of the major advantages of using a fax blast service:

Ads arrive directly and don’t need to be opened, like emails. – Fax blast service is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other forms of marketing. Fax marketing is fast, direct and reliable.

So call Faxplus for all your Fax Blast needs. Even Check out our packages here http://faxplus.ca/products-page/

How Fax Marketing Works

How Fax Marketing Works

How Fax marketing works is it is a great way to utilize the speed and reliability of fax machines to spread the word about your products and services in a time where emails are easily left unopened. In this article you’ll quickly learn how fax broadcasting works and why you should be using it in your business to gain maximum exposure and capture more leads.

How Fax Marketing Works is Repetition, and is Crucial in Advertising, No matter what your advertisement is offering, it’s absolutely imperative that the person receiving the message clearly remembers it. In order to accomplish this, you will need to deliver the ad at least 3-7 times over the course of several weeks. Your fax blast should also be memorable, and when the receiving party sees it each subsequent time they should instantly recall seeing it before.

Constructing an Effective Fax Marketing Ad

Faxed advertisements are most effective when they’re kept simple, without too much clutter on the page. You’ll want to grab their attention quickly, so be sure to use a headline that will make them look twice. Your goal is to create an urge in them to pick up the phone and call the number you’ve listed, so be sure that information is easily visible as well.

Make use of bullet points to provide key information in an easy to read fashion, and avoid long, dense blocks of text on the page as they will likely be glossed over. You have about 3 to 8 seconds to capture their interest, so make your offer clear and pop out at the reader. As a last note, be sure to consider using as little toner as possible while still delivering an effective ad. This means avoid using pictures, or black backgrounds with white text.

Who Will Receive Your Ad

How fax marketing works is our fax broadcast service will be sent to prospects in cities/towns or area codes that you designate. We will discover how many numbers are available for your region and calculate the best package for your fax marketing campaign. The broadcasts will be sent over a period of weeks to ensure that your ads are seen several times.

Opting Out from Ads

Per the law, individuals not wanting to receive fax advertisements can opt out of receiving them. On the header of each fax is a convenient phone number and email address for them to contact in order to be removed immediately from the system. They may call you, in which case you would simply email the phone number to be removed to Fax Plus and it will be removed the very same day.

Summary of How Fax Marketing Works

To wrap up, if you’re not utilizing broadcast faxing then you’re leaving hundreds or even thousands of leads out of your sales funnel. Fax marketing is a reliable and fast way to reach out and deliver your ad, so take advantage of it with our broadcast fax service today.

The Right Way To Do Fax Marketing

Fax Marketing – The Right Way to Do It

What Is Fax Marketing?

Fax was one of the earliest forms of communication marketers used to advertise their products on a mass scale. It works on the same principle as telemarketing, as marketers send out offers or advertisements through faxes to potential clients, in hopes of opening new markets for their products. When compared to other digital marketing methods, fax has one major advantage; while email and phone may change overtime, fax number stays the same for as long as the business remains.

How To Launch A Successful Fax Marketing Campaign?

In some cases, Fax can prove to be more beneficial than other forms of marketing. However, in order to launch a successful fax marketing campaign, you need to keep a few things in mind. The main aspect that fax marketers should look for is what makes it different to others.

Breaking Into The Untouched Market

Benefits of fax marketing compared to others lies in their simplicity and widespread outreach. Fax machines are present in almost all business offices. Due to its ease of use, fax reaches an untouched market of clients who prefer to operate simpler technology instead of computers. This is the first thing that a fax marketer should take advantage of; breaking into that market. Segment your clientele according to age groups or preferred mode of communication. This specific group is likely to respond more positively to faxes than they will to emails.

Cost Effectiveness

A fax marketer should be cost effective. Fax marketing is cheaper as compared to direct mail, with a single fax costing around a few pennies. Fax Plus, for instance, offers highly competitive rates. Also, you can control the cost by streamlining your list of recipients according to their relevancy to the message. You can segment the list, and selectively send the faxes to those that you think will respond to your offers. This simple technique can help you save a lot of budget.

Design an Attractive Advertisement

Design is as important for a fax, as it is for any other medium. You basically have just a few seconds to grab the attention of the readers before they throw the fax into the bin. That is where a great design can help. The key to such a design is simplicity. Keep the fax short and simple yet creative and informative. Keep in mind that the design must appear attractive in black and white.

Fax Plus, Canada’s leading fax service provider, are highly experienced experts and consultants who can help you learn more about fax marketing and best practices in this aspect. Keep it Short and Simple As we mentioned, simplicity is one of the major attraction factor for a fax. And by that we meant not only in terms of design but also in terms of content. A fax full of fluff is something no one likes because it takes too much ink and too much time. So, make sure you are not wasting any of it and follow these three simple rules; keep it short, keep it to-the-point and keep it highly relevant from the very first word.

And the most important is have Fax plus handle all your fax marketing campaigns to get the best results for that untouched market of potential new customers.

Successful Fax Marketing

Successful fax marketing

Like any sales process, sometimes turning a successful fax marketing broadcast into orders requires asking more than once. Your offer may be compelling, but your customer might not need it on the morning your broadcast faxes arrive. They often do the second or third time you ask, or if the need comes up they will remember seeing your fax ad because they have seen it a few times.

Successful fax marketing is the process of building a business relationship with potential customers. Have you ever established a lifelong friendship with someone you had contact with only once? Probably not. Generally, friendships and all relationships for that matter, grow as a result of frequent contact over time. Even when the potential to form a great friendship is there at the first encounter, it is unlikely it will grow without nurturing and repetitive contact.

Successful fax marketing is regular marketing.

Credibility and familiarity comes with frequency. Consider repeating or reinforcing your fax advertising, weekly or bi weekly; for sure at least monthly to encourage a higher response rate, but beware that the longer between contact the more the potential customer forgets what your trying to offer them. It is really recommended that you fax blast your marketing campaign out every second week. We have done weekly fax blasting for some customers and found it to be very effective. We have had both customers use the same fax ad and we have had customers change their fax ad every week.

Successful fax marketing is great because of the time factor that is involved.  You can have your fax ad done today and a fax blast going out same day; no other form of advertising can do that. Newspaper ads are next day and then you’re competing with other ads that may be on same page. Getting a mailing ready to go is very time consuming and, depending on how many your sending out, can take up to weeks to reach the hands of prospective customers, after design, printing, folding, stuffing envelopes and mailing. Oh and yes, lets not forget that with the mail service they even charge for undeliverable mailers. You never pay for fax ads that don’t get delivered.

Successful Fax Marketing, Don't get lost on the page

Newspaper Ad, where is your ad?

Successful fax marketing is still better then email marketing as so many spam filters stop emails from getting through, and then even if it gets through, will the reader really stop and read? I know in my case, I delete 20 -30 emails a day that I haven’t even opened up.  At least with fax marketing somebody has touched and looked at it no matter what. So when you look at it, fax marketing is still a very smart way to market your business today.

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