Fax Marketing Campaign

Fax Marketing Campaign

Fax Marketing Campaign

We can get your fax marketing campaign going today.

The Basics

Fax marketing campaign shouldn’t be overlooked, because it’s increasingly effective as email fatigue is on the rise. It’s a novel way of delivering a short, ┬áprecise message to grab attention quickly and have your prospects taking immediate action on your offer. Because less of your competitors will be utilizing their fax machines to market their products and services, you should take full advantage and craft the best fax possible.

Understanding the Medium

Your fax marketing campaign will most likely arrive on an 8.5″ by 11″ piece of white paper with black ink. This means keep the message simple, with either no graphics or very minimalistic style. You want to make proper use of white space or negative space to make it as easy as possible on the reader’s eyes while drawing them to the core ideas on your page. A simple paragraph should be sufficient, but be sure to make it short and to the point. You may be sending them to your web site or offering a coupon code for a freebie, but whatever you’re offering don’t let it get buried in a pile of fluffy text.

Design Tips at a Glance

1. Stick to black & white, avoid color.

2. Keep your message simple and on point.

3. Make your offer clear, with an obvious call to action.

4. Your message should be consistent with your other fax marketing campaign.

5. Use negative space, it’s very effective.

6. Add a P.S. (Post Script) to your fax, people tend to read these more closely!

7. Test your fax marketing campaign to ensure it’s free of glitches.


Now that you understand the basics of an effective fax marketing campaign, you’re ready to begin designing it. Reference these guidelines along the way and you’ll quickly be sending powerful faxes and getting responses from your readers.

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