Fax Broadcasting How it Works

Fax broadcasting

With any fax broadcasting advertising, repetition is always best.  People need to see your ad 3-7 times. This is per marketing surveys .  What usually works best is to send your fax broadcasting package ad out about every 1-2 weeks. Depending on what the ad is and where it’s going. We will work out the best schedule with you.

What we do, is find out what areas cities, towns or area codes you want to send to, then we can find out how many numbers we have for that area. This helps us to figure out what package would be best for you. We can even go as far as saying we can get your message to a very specific type of business, example if you wanted to send to all the pharmacist in Ontario we have 5000 fax numbers that we could get your message to the.


Fax Plus for all your Fax Broadcasting needs


With any fax broadcasting package purchased, the faxes don’t expire.. So that means if you get the 20,000 fax package and your areas only add up to 4000, then you would be able to do 5 runs to those areas with that package, over any length of time. Though it is best to get your fax broadcasting package out there because that’s where you will get your business from.

The specials are based off an ad that is the size of 100KB or less when it is converted into a TIF file.  An ad that is 200KB would count as 2 faxes.   You would stay away from pictures, as well as black with white lettering. With a fax like that, you would just eat more toner on the recipients fax machine. This is not appreciated by most recipients. So, the more white on the page, the better.  It is also recommended to have your ad be kept simple. You have 3-8 seconds to get their attention. If the page is simple and easy to read, they will read it. If it is full of text, it has a much less chance of being fully read.

So using bullets or simple ‘attention grabber’ lines are best. You want to get their interest and get them to call you for more info. For some businesses that offer products, a few specials that are available are good. But you shouldn’t fill the page with too much of it.

All fax broadcasting runs have to be paid before any faxing starts. This is done by Visa or MasterCard or even Paypal. We have a CC Authorization form we can send to you to fill out and fax or email back..

On our header on every fax, there is a deletion number and an email address for removal. Anyone that does not want to receive faxes can simply call that number or email the removal address, put their fax number in and get removed immediately. Sometimes they will call you or us. If this happens, all you would need to do is email the number to us and we will remove it the same day.  Anyone who does not want to receive faxes and puts their number on the deletion system, is removed immediately and kept off for 3 years per the law.

If you have any other questions, please ask.

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