What About The Fax Ads?

Fax Ads

It’s best if you create the fax ads yourself and send it to us. We will check it over and ensure it is fax friendly and that it reads well. But it’s best for you to create it as you know best what you do or have for your products, service or events. For those of you not really familiar with computers, we will help you create your ad as needed. We have a service for creating user friendly memorable fax ads with results driven designs that cut through the clutter and get you new leads.

here is the link to that fax ads service

We create Fax Ads

We create Fax Ads

Keep these things in mind when designing your fax ads:

  • Promote one idea at a time. It’s best not to put too much on the page. You have  3-8  seconds to get people’s attention and interest. So keeping it simple and easy to read is best
  • Try to stay away from photos or pictures, no background colors etc. These never come out the way you want them to, they just use more of the recipient’s toner. We want their attention on your product or service, not their toner.
  • Do not use black boxes or circles with white lettering, again it uses less ink and the more white on the page the better.
  • Keep your ad to one page. Most people would rather only receive one page, not two. They should contact you if they want more information.
  • Using bullets or simple “attention grabber” lines works well.
  • Ensure you have your contact information on the ad.  At least a phone number. Also good to have is an email address, website and maybe even your address so they know where you are located.

You want to use the fax ad to get people’s attention and interest. You want to have enough on their for them to read it quickly and easily and get interested enough to call you or go to your website, where the sale can then be made, depending on how your business is set up.



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