Effective Way for Fax Marketing



Fax Marketing is easy to use.

A Simpler, Quicker, More Economical & Effective Way for Fax Marketing

Are you looking for an inexpensive way of directly marketing to your prospective leads in a fast, economical and efficient manner? Our Fax Marketing service offers the solution to your direct marketing needs while delivering the maximum benefit of delivering your ads to thousands of readers. You need only write a short, compelling ad with your offer and we can send it to any region you desire.

Fax Marketing is Simple and Quick

Thousands of prospects can be sent your fax in a short span of time and they’re very likely to read it and act on it. This method transmits a physical copy directly to the reader and can also give them a sense of urgency if your offer is time sensitive. On top of being fast, it doesn’t require a lot of time to produce one-page ads with compelling copy. You can reach thousands of people in a region while keeping your costs down, and reach them repeatedly.

Fax Marketing is Economical and Effective

Fax advertising requires ad copy that is both short and compelling to maximise effectiveness. A skilled copywriter can turn just a few simple lines into hot buttons that can make the reader practically jump from their seat and reach for the phone to call you. Fax blasting is also highly economical, especially in comparison to similar direct marketing strategies like direct mail and email marketing. In the long run, it will save you a lot of money because each fax sent costs only a few pennies.

Your Fax Marketing Campaign

Your ads can be sent again weeks later to improve their exposure and increase conversion rates. Your leads may not respond to an ad immediately, but if it comes in at the time of their need they will certainly respond to it. Persistent fax blasts can bring new business and turn prospects into buyers. Fax Plus offers competitive rates for sending your fax blast out to clients and will help you succeed in your fax marketing campaign.

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