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We want to thank you for your purchase of the fax packages. We are sure that you will be happy with your Fax packages purchase. There is no shipping or down loading of any kind. What happens next is your fax package order is placed and one of our staff will call you with in 24 hours to confirm all information about your order. We will need to know more information from you like:

1) Are you sending to all business?

2) Is there specific business you want to send too? And if so what is the kind of business?

3) Is there a specific area within the area code? (like a certain postal code)

Once we have received this information from about your fax packages, we will let you know how many business will get sent your fax marketing ad.

If your paying to have an ad created, one of the staff from website for you will be in touch within the next business, day to get all the information needed for your fax marketing ad.

They will be wanting to know what message or product are you wanting to announce? and if you have anything that must be said. Once they have the information, your ad will be sent back to you same day for your approval. We include 3 changes if needed within the 1/2 hour allotted time to produce your fax marketing ad. Any additional time will be billed at a rate of 25.00 per 1/2 hour.

The number of faxes you buy will always be good, for example if you buy a 30 000 Fax Package and there is only 22 000 business to send your fax marketing ad to, you will still have 8000 to use with your next run. Also remember you only pay for what is delivered. We do not charge for faxes that do not get delivered. If you save by buying a larger package you can always use then in fax marketing blast in the future.

We have many fax packages that you can chose from. We have starter fax packages from 5000, you can  even send out 1000 (minimum order) five times to a large professional fax marketing packages of 300 000. We can get these fax marketing packages fax blasted out in not time at all.

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