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About Us – Fax Plus Broadcasting

What is Fax Plus?

About us – Fax Plus is a leading, Canada-based company that provides the highest quality fax  marketing services to businesses all across the Canada. Fax broadcasting is our main focus, whereby we send mass communications via fax machine to bring your business more leads, clients, and sales.

We provide the very best service in the industry to a wide range of corporate clients in dozens of industries. Our fax broadcasting service provides the most comprehensive feature set in the entire industry, making your communications campaign stand out about us – fax plus among your competitors. We strive to be reliable, consistent, and committed to excellence in order to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our proven track record from years of experience has allowed us to custom tailor our services to the unique needs and demands of corporations in several industries, such as:

  • Government                                


    Let us get more customers to your door by fax Broadcasting

  • Technology
  • Services Industry                     
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation                         
  • Communications
  • Retail                                            
  • Financial Services
  • Training                                       
  • Manufacturing
  • Publishing Associations         
  • Travel & Hospitality

About us – Fax Plus

The Need for Fax Broadcasting

Email marketing can be effective, but many people simply get too many emails in their inbox and don’t open them, or open them days or weeks later when they’re no longer relevant. Fax broadcasting can sidestep this issue by directly delivering a document to them and having it seen immediately. Fax broadcasting is a very cost-effective solution, and you can also send more messages in less time and gain a higher response rate than traditional mail. The end result is a higher response rate from your readers and more budget left for you to spend on other means of marketing. A well-structured and professional fax can instantly gain you new business.

Why Choose about us – Fax Plus as Your Fax Broadcasting Company?

There are many advantages to choosing Fax Plus as your only fax broadcasting company, here are some of the major benefits to using our services:

  •  We have a long history of providing fax marketing services.
  • Our reputation as a high quality fax broadcasting company lends peace of mind.
  • We offer time-proven solutions to a variety of industries and businesses.
  • Solutions are both cost-effective, and produce an effective response.
  • We provide reports of successfully sent communications.
  •  We do not inflate our estimates of fax-able numbers like less reputable companies do.
  • Your satisfaction with our services is our mission about us – fax plus.

There are many ways to communicate your message to the world, but we do everything to ensure that your message is read and gains a large response rate from your audience. Whether you’re letting the world know about a new product launch, or a clearance sale, we’ll help you grab their attention and compel them to pick up the phone and contact you. Fax marketing is one of the most cost-effective solutions for reaching people quickly and getting new business sent your way so don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get you started on growing your business today.

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